Are the technological addictions really bone fide mental disorders or just an exaggeration of everyday social and personal ailments of the 21st century? The spectrum of illness that encompasses the technological addictions feels like a slippery slope, starting with discrete and legitimate medical conditions and tumbling all the way down to capricious (and occasionally fraudulent) medicalization of everyday life.

In this session, the faculty will emphasize the latest scientific literature on this emerging field of medicine and focus on the following seven technological addictions:

  1. Video and Computer Games
  2. Cybersex and Online Porn
  3. Internet Gambling
  4. Texting and Emailing
  5. Internet Surfing and Information Overload
  6. Social Media
  7. Online Auctions and Shopping

Learning Objectives:

  • List five forms of technological addictions as they appear in the scientific literature of 2020
  • Describe the psychology and culture surrounding internet gaming addiction and cybersex addiction
  • Distinguish between normal use and addiction